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As the foundation for its business model, Mirador Capital seeks to improve investment returns for venture capitalists and for its own investors. The Fund leverages the unique, extensive and growing global corporate network created by Ken Hausman and Bob Young, founders of Mirador Capital, to enable executives of large corporations to expand and strengthen relationships with one another. The principals of Mirador Capital have hosted a range of networking events for leading executives in Silicon Valley, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Las Vegas. These events typically range in size from six to sixteen attendees with occasional larger programs of up to 60. Past and upcoming events include business-networking dinners featuring the CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and SVPs of many substantial international business organizations including, among others, Philips, Citicorp, Pfizer, Disney, Google, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo! Televiso, Fox, NBCUniversal, Dreamworks, Motorola, Sony, Tribute Entertainment, IBM, Merck, MCI, CSFB, Viacom, Lenovo, Satyam, Bayer, AOL Time Warner, Intel, AT&T, Abbott Labs, Lucent, Sunoco, GE and Cisco. Mirador Capital's networking events have developed a “must attend” feeling among many top executives. These occasions provide an opportunity in an unusual, relaxed forum where executives can identify their common interests, build relationships and further significant and meaningful business objectives.

Our networking dinners are held at exclusive venues such as Per Se, Jean Georges, La Bernadine, March and La Cote Basque in NYC and Spago in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Rare and unusual wines (e.g. 1966 Bordeaux and micro production wines from California) are usually offered as part of the dining experience. At the larger dinners (still only 50-60 guests), a senior executive (such as Gerard Kleisterlee, CEO of Philips, Ray Gilmartin, now former CEO of Merck, Mr. Yang, former CEO and now chairman of Lenovo or Shane Robison, CTO and Chief Strategist of Hewlett Packard) usually speaks for approximately 20 minutes followed by Q&A. The rest of the dinner, including an hour-long cocktail period, allows for building relationships.

Smaller roundtable discussion dinners focus on relevant topics such as “Alternative Carrier Models”, “The Future and Changing Landscape of Television” (co-hosted with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) and “IT Convergence and Reforming Healthcare”. Both the larger and smaller dinners last three-and-a-half to four hours. In this environment, the relationships which are developed go well beyond those that can typically be accomplished at a conference, a quicker-paced, structured experience or in an environment with a larger group.

Mirador Capital also seeks to attract high quality deal flow from entrepreneurs and organizations, such as The Indus Entrepreneurs (www.tie.org), and targeted professors and researchers from major universities such as Stanford and MIT, which seek access to the Fund's corporate network. At the request of several venture funds, Mirador has already held events designed to attract the most successful entrepreneurs who often generate proprietary deal flow. Mirador's corporate network also includes strong organizations known for unusually high quality deal flow and with whom it has relationships. For example, TiE has charter members who have founded companies such as Providian Financial, Brocade, Sycamore, Hotmail and Cirrus Logic. Members of the Indian business community, who are often participants in TiE, founded half of the companies funded by one particular “tier-one” venture fund over a recent two year period. It is not surprising that these leading funds are interested in having Mirador help them build relationships with this community.

Both executives and venture capitalists have told us of specific benefits they have realized as a result of Mirador events. For example, at CES, two Fortune 500 household name companies announced a deal which originated in a Mirador program. Venture capitalists, who met a major Fortune 50 CIO at an event, were able to schedule a meeting with him at their offices with several portfolio companies. Another venture capitalist put a term sheet down eight days after meeting an early stage company at a Mirador event. A portfolio company of a VC investee of Mirador, obtained a pilot at a Fortune 20 company as a direct result of a Mirador program.

We also offer a standard program in which we facilitate meetings between the CIO and CTO's of very large companies who attend our programs and the venture capitalists with whom we are aligned. This program starts with the participating companies stating their areas of interest. Venture capitalists then propose portfolio companies, in which they believe the large company might be interested. The corporations select those early stage companies with whom they would like to meet in advance of visiting the venture capitalist. Similar programs involve the corporate executive reviewing the entire portfolio of a VC and selecting those which are most interesting to them to present. Scheduled programs include “Mirador Technology Day” in which we bring up to 10 pre-screened portfolio companies to present to a dozen IT executives from a Fortune 500 company. These meetings occur at their corporate headquarters.

As Mirador proceeds, it will continue to expand its unique global network of leading venture capital firms, key corporations and visionaries. The Fund will have the advantage of Mirador's growing knowledge base to identify the future directions of technology and market opportunities around the world. Future Mirador programs will likely include moderated roundtable discussions with participants who have a keen understanding of large and growing markets in different countries around the world. Executives from leading corporations and venture capital firms have already indicated strong interest in participating in these programs. The technological and market “road maps” which are created from this process may provide a competitive advantage to Mirador participants and the Fund's portfolio venture funds.

Ken Hausman and Bob Young are Managing Directors of Mirador Capital . Mr. Hausman has extensive experience in venture capital, as a successful entrepreneur and in working with NASDAQ for over eight years. He has served on NASDAQ's President's Advisory Board for five years. Mr. Young has extensive experience in venture capital, investment banking and as an entrepreneur.

Mirador's Advisory Board members include Jim Guzy, Sr., co-funding founder of Intel Corporation and Board member since inception and Matt Fong, former Treasurer of the State of California.